Top 5 Free Data Recovery Software

Data loss is an unstoppable situation that can anytime hit you. In fact, every computer user needs to face data loss several times in his or her life span while using computers. And, at that time only data recovery software can be a help therefore, here I am listing Top 5 Free Data Recovery Software that one can download and use to recover lost data.

Top 5 Free Data Recovery Software

Though, the best way to recover lost data is backup, there can be times when backup is not even enough to overcome all data loss. At that time, you need to use the data recovery software to recover the lost data back.

Here are top 5 free data recovery software that will help you to recover lost data back. Software that I am going to list here are GUI based i.e. any computer user can easily use them by following the data recovery wizard. Given below is the list of top 5 free data recovery software:

  • Recuva
  • PC Inspector
  • Win Data Recovery
  • FreeUndelete
  • SoftPerfect

Let us describe these top 5 free data recovery tools in brief to help you best understand them:

Recuva: When you start this software, a wizard appears that will guide you on “how to recover lost data.” With the help of this software, you can recover deleted files, pictures, etc. Moreover, you can recover the data, which is lost due to partition damage or corruption. The software helps you to recover lost data from hard disk partitions, pen drive, or any other storage media.

Top 5 Free Data Recovery Software

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PC Inspector: This is one of the best among top 5 free data recovery software applications. The software is available in various languages i.e. one can customize it to local language for its better understanding and use.

When you start the software, you are asked to select the language. Available languages are Chinese, Danish, English, French, Estonian, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish, and Swedish. This is a great tool to analyze the hard disk and recover the lost data. Using it you can recover deleted files, data lost due to system crash, and data lost due to partition lost.

Top 5 Data Recovery Software

Download PC Inspector Link

Win Data Recovery: With easy to use data recovery functions, Win Data Recovery software can be used to recover deleted files or data from hard disk partitions. The software guides you throughout the process of recovering the lost data. It also displays preview of the recovered data before you start saving it.

Free Data Recovery Software

Download Win Data Recovery Link

Free Undelete: This is a light-weight data recovery software, which recovers data is few moments. It automatically detects the hard disk partitions and displays them. You can select any of the available partitions to recover lost data.

Top Data Recovery Software

Download Link to Free Undelete

SoftPerfect: This is a small but a good data recovery software for those who are in need to recover files of specific formats. For example, you know what types of files you need to recover like .jpg, .doc, .exe, .docx, etc.

Most of the times it happens that we delete some files mistakenly. The software helps us recover those files instantly by allowing you to specify the file type. We ca say it a file recovery software instead of a complete data recovery software.

Top 5 Free Data Recovery Software

Download SoftPerfect Link

This is a brief introduction to top 5 free data recovery software. Hope, the article will be helpful for you.

If none of the above software is helpful, you may want to check these Top 5 Data Recovery Software (paid) that are Worth to Download and Try:

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