Top 5 WordPress Plugins You Must Use in Your WordPress Blog or Site

WordPress is probably the best platform for individuals and small organizations to establish an online presence with a blog or a website. Whereas WordPress provides a basic platform to go online with a blog or a website, it is incomplete without WordPress plugins that adds value to it. There are millions of plugins available that can be used in a blog or a website, but only a few of them are really useful. From my experience of WordPress, I have noted down Top 5 WordPress Plugins that every Blog or Website owner must use.

Top 5 WordPress Plugins You Must Use in Your WordPress Blog or Site


Top 5 WordPress Plugins

It is one of the most important WordPress Plugins because we cannot be assured when someone will take on our site – yes, I am talking about hackers. If a site or a blog is hacked then the hacker may delete all the data making you to work again. Hacking is not the only reason due to which you should maintain BackUp of WordPress; there can be several other reasons like virus.

So, if we have a backup of our blog or site, we can restore that and can recover the lost data. BackUpWordPress plugin is a nice plugin, which automatically takes backup of your WordPress blog or site’s database and files making you tension free. It takes BackUp on daily and weekly basis as per the setting you configure after installing it. And, if size of the Back Up file is less than 10 MB then it sends the same to your email address as well.

Important Tip: You shall download the backed up data every day on your local hard disk rather than leaving everything on the plugin.

Contact Form 7

Wordpress Plugins

If you are running a website for business purpose then you may want to give your site visitors a common way to contact you. And, that common way is the Contact Form, which the site’s visitors can fill. When they submit the form, an email is sent to your email ID with all details filled in the Contact Form. This way you can keep you in touch with the people who are interested in your products or services.

Important Tip: After installing the plugin, open your site and test it by sending you a message.

This was the 2nd among the Top 5 WordPress Plugins. Let’s have the 3rd one.

HTML JavaScript Adder

Important WordPress Plugins

It is a great plugin for those people who want to display Ads, Social Media Widgets, a Banner, or any specific information at different locations in their WordPress blogs. You simply need to add the code in this plugin and then drag it to the location where you want to display the Ad, Social Media Widget, Banner, or any specific message.

This was the 3rd among the Top 5 WordPress Plugins. Let’s have the 4th one.

Shareholic for Social Media Benefits and Related Content

5 WordPress Plugins

Nowadays, social media has become an important part of Internet Marketing and therefore, each blog owner wants to provide its visitors an easy option using which they can share the blog posts on an array of social networks.

Shareholic is an important WordPress Plugin, which not only provides a beautiful and elegant Share to Social Media option but also allows you to display Related Content, which helps users to see other posts that they might want to read.

Important Tip: After installing the plugin, configure is carefully, as it has several elegant themes that you will love so, select a theme matching the color combination of your blog.

This was the 4th among the Top 5 WordPress Plugins. Let’s have the 5th one.

Yoast WordPress SEO Plugin

Top 5 WordPress Plugins

Yoast WordPress SEO Plugin is an important WordPress Plugin. Every WordPress blog or site owner must have this plugin. It helps you do SEO easily for each page and post in the blog or site. It lets you set Title tag, description tag, and keywords Meta tag for homepage, which is not easy if theme does not provide options for the same. Apart from this, it lets you set Google Webmaster, Bing Webmaster, and other verification keys. It automatically generates sitemap, which is an important part of SEO. It lets you edit robots.txt and .htaccess file from within it, which means you need not to login to FTP console. Apart from all these benefits, it tells you how long the Title of a post should be, it helps you to select a main focus keyword, and it tells you where the Focus keyword should come in the post, and so on.

In fact, Yoast WordPress SEO Plugin is a complete plugin, which helps you to do a complete OnPage SEO for a WordPress website or a blog.

These are the Top 5 WordPress Plugins that every blog or website owner must have.

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