Use Virtual Phone Numbers to Build Your Business

Virtual phone numbers are a key method of building a business in the 21st century. Simply put, virtual phone numbers route calls from a phone number in one location and instantly forward it to another (via cloud computing). This simple concept allows businesses and individuals to get in contact with potential customers and clients anywhere in the world, thereby expanding their reach and business presence. As an example, if a US-based business advertised a virtual phone number in Germany, customers in Berlin could reach the business without getting stuck with long-distance charges.

Virtual Phone Numbers

Building a Business with Virtual Phone Numbers

Virtual phone numbers allow businesses to contact markets they haven’t formally established themselves in a more traditional sense of business expansion. For example, in the case of a brick-and-mortar presence, organizations typically deal with large amounts bureaucratic red tape upon starting, such as:

  • Visa applications
  • Leasing and maintaining a physical property
  • Barriers towards hiring foreign workers
  • Taxation for doing business in a new country
  • …or adhering to any other cross-border efforts to conduct business as one would do “normally” in a given region, country, or other geographical distinction.

Benefits of Virtual Phone Numbers for Businesses

One of the most important aspects of virtual phone numbers is that they help with creating “localization” efforts, to adapt to a specific area or market. Virtual phone numbers aid this process by allowing businesses to use phone numbers for specific locations to connect with those specific local populations. It also helps create a sense of a virtual office, where many of the day-to-day processes of a typical office environment are handled at a company’s headquarters or specified divisions — however, customers are under the impression that the company is, in fact, established there (which it is). For most customer concerns, like tech support or troubleshooting, most customers need to get answers from a sales representative, not step into an office and speak with a person behind a counter, so the virtual format is ideal for all parties involved.

The Virtual Office

With the rise of the virtual office and the many automated techniques of the 21st century, entrepreneurs now can leverage technology to make their businesses more versatile and efficient at a fraction of the cost. This allows bootstrapped startups the potential to compete against established firms and provide more tailored services. For instance, look at how Uber managed to supplant the traditional structure of cab services worldwide. What’s more is that when your ride is ready, you receive an SMS text message from Uber keeping you updated, right? That’s all due to the versatility of virtual phone numbers and their related services (like virtual SMS numbers and call forwarding).

Of course, virtual phone numbers have a hidden benefit that’s only been possible quite recently: the ability to work on any device. In the past, companies had to invest in new hardware or heavily-retrofit their old gear in hopes to upgrade their technology. This led to having to sell off old gear to other companies or junk the outdated stuff.

Use Virtual Phone Numbers to Build Your Business

Now, because we live in an age where nearly every digital device can call and receive phone calls and messages, updating your business is as simple as using the same gear you’ve used in the past. There’s no need for fancy headsets or proprietary gear that excludes your previous methods when using virtual phone numbers. From most service providers, virtual phone numbers only require the installation of easy-to-use software.

The added benefit of not having to update your gear is that businesses don’t have to go through intensive training periods, where employees have to grasp the learning curve and deal with the hiccups that come with complicated tech. Instead, virtual phone numbers already work with your device — training can be reduced to merely installing the service provider’s software, getting acquainted with how calls are processed, et voila! your business is now being supplemented with new channels of communication.

Finally, if you’re in charge of promoting your business in several regions or countries, virtual phone numbers allow you to remain in contact with your contacts on their terms. Studies have shown that residents of one region are less likely to respond to calls that originate from outside of theirs. For example, even those who live in various states of the US can be put off from receiving a call from a neighboring state (ex. California and Oregon). This can be especially useful if you attend conventions or conferences, where exchanging business cards with your virtual phone number can help establish new networks — of course, this number should be tailored towards the markets you want to reach. For instance, if your Canadian business wants to start doing business in the United Arab Emirates, then it helps to have a Dubai virtual phone number to make a positive impression on your clients.

It can also help you keep track of your business, as many different virtual phone numbers can be routed to your work phone. This eliminates the need to purchase multiple phones for each portion of your business, or even separating your personal life from your professional life.

It’s Also Worth Mentioning…

It’s also interesting to mention that many virtual phone service providers, like Global Call Forwarding, actually create their virtual offices in locations where they haven’t found an immediate need to establish a brick-and-mortar presence.

For instance, Global Call Forwarding has an office in Bangkok, Thailand that is part of their expansion efforts in the Asia/ Pacific region. Of course, this allows GCF to operate efficiently, retaining some employees that are physically working there in an office, while others are transient, very busy working on sales internationally instead of reflecting a traditional sales model. Virtual phone numbers allow the virtual office to maintain the connection to all calls they receive from the Asia / Pacific region with full efficiency. Productivity and time are handled most efficiently as a result.

If it is good enough for a company that believes in its product and services, then it is undoubtedly good for businesses that want to build their presence with virtual phone numbers. Now that you know what are the benefits of virtual phone numbers, be sure to look into virtual phone numbers to expand your business today!boo

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