Using Hyperlinks with Bookmarks in Word

Usually the hyperlinks are used to open a website from within the document but they can also be used for navigation within the document. However, for that hyperlinks need to be used with bookmarks, which mean you first need to create bookmarks in the documents. Once the bookmarks are created, you have to create hyperlinks in the document to access them. In this post, I provide you with a step by step process of using Hyperlinks with Bookmarks in Word.

As stated, before creating hyperlinks to move within the document, you need to create Bookmarks. Read this article to know “How to Create Bookmarks in Word,” if you do not know how to create bookmarks in Word.

Once the bookmarks are created, you can move ahead to link them with text or pictures for quick navigation within the document.

Using Hyperlinks with Bookmarks in Word for Quick Navigation

Listed below are the steps that will help you to hyperlink text or pictures for quick navigation within the document:

Step 1: Start MS Word.

Step 2: Open the document in which you have created the bookmark entries.

Step 3: Select the text or picture for which you want to create hyperlink using bookmark entry in the document.

Step 4: Select the Insert tab.

Step 5: Click the Hyperlink option in the Links group. The “Insert Hyperlink” dialog box opens up.

Step 6: Click the Bookmark button.

Step 7: Select the required entry and click the OK button.

Step 8: Again, click the OK button. Hyperlink is created. Now, you can test it.

Step 9: To test the hyperlink, place mouse over the hyperlink, hold the CTRL key, and press the left-mouse button. You are navigated to the bookmark assigned to the hyperlink.

The process described above will be beneficial when the document is having multiple headings and sub-headings. Creating hyperlinks with bookmarks will help the reader to access the required heading or sub-heading without scrolling the complete document. The user will just click the required hyperlink and he or she will get access to the topic of his or her interest in the document.

This is all about Using Hyperlinks with Bookmarks in Word.

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