is Scam – See the most probable reasons inside

A few days back, I had written a post with title Want to Make Money Online – Try this New System to Generate Money – it was about A friend of mine has told me about this website and it was appealing so I joined it and started to work on it. But now I have noticed a few things in this site that has made me to think if is scam. And, now if someone asks me is legit then my answer will be NO.

Here are the reasons due to which I can say is scam is Scam

1. I joined the site and started to promote the referral link given by the site. I promoted it on facebook, twitter, google plus, and bubblews. On the very first day, I have crossed the minimum amount limit required to apply for payment.

2. After I have reached the minimum threshold of payment, I am provided with a Survey link in my Account page on the website. And, I am asked to fill the survey to prove I am human.

3. When I copied the survey link and pasted into a browser, it was not working. One of my friends has been facing the same issue as well.

4. I also found on the website that the next Payment Data mentioned is 1 Aug 2013 while it is 2014.

5. I wrote to them via their Contact form but so far there is no reply from them.

These are the points that made me to think Is legit and I found it is not legit. After evaluating the above points I can say visittomoney is scam. One more thing is on the I can several names and amount they have earned. I do not know if they are real or just fake names.

In my previous article on – ( this is the article title – Want to Make Money Online – Try this New System to Generate Money) I had mentioned that I am not sure if visittomoney is scam or if is legit. And, now my evaluation says visittomoney is scam.

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