Want to Make Money Online – Try this New System to Generate Money

It was Saturday evening when I got a message from one of my friends in my Facebook Inbox. He asked me to join a website which is http://goo.gl/iu2jtI I asked him what is this and why should I join it. He said it is a new system to make money online and payout is really good. I said okay and then then I hit the link and noticed the below points:

Want to Make Money Online – Try this New System to Generate Money

Make Money Online

Here is what I noticed in this new system to generate money:

  1. When you register you will get $4 in your account.
  2. As soon as you are registered, you will get a referral link with a unique ID, which is your tracking ID. And, this will help the system to track how many people are coming to the system via your link.
  3. When someone clicks the link, you will get $0.5 – it is really amazing that one click is giving you $.5
  4. You can share this link to wherever you want like Facebook, Facebook page, Facebook groups, twitter, forums, etc. And you will be paid for each unique click that will come through your referral link.
  5. Until all clicks are genuine, you are liable for payment and the minimum payout is $40. And there are many options to get the payment like PayPal, Payza, etc.
  6. I was enticed with all these because I have a good number of friends in Facebook, a good number of followers in Twitter, a good number of contacts in Google Plus, and so on. So, I joined the platform.
  7. After joining the platform, I shared link to all my networks and noticed that within an hour I had about 30+ unique clicks.
  8. While writing this article to make money online via this unique system, I could see about $20 in my account and I need $20 more to be eligible to get payment.

As this system to generate money (make money online) is new to me, I cannot just say, if I will get my payments even after $40 is done. I still have to verify this system, but on the website, I could see they have mentioned the amount distributed so far is too big. As soon as I will be done with verifying the system, I will write a new post about this system to make money online. Meanwhile kindly visit this system here Want to http://goo.gl/iu2jtI; by the way name of the system is visit2money.com

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