What to Look for in an Antivirus For the Best Protection

There is no need to explain why do we need antiviruses on our computers. New threats are being created and released daily. In the same time, new AV vendors are stepping into the game. With the market so saturated, a common user can hardly pick the suiting solution. It can all become very confusing with big words and different payment plans. There are some general features one should pay attention to when picking up his/her antivirus.


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What to Look for in an Antivirus

Scan Types

Usually, every antivirus program is powered with a quick scan. It runs through your system and looks for threats. This option comes in handy when you are in the hurry, or if you are not using your PC that often. If you really want to be safe, you should look for an antivirus with deep scan option included. This way every bit of your PC will be combed and eventually cleaned from potential threats.

Real-Time Protection

Some of the viruses can sit still in your PC for days. Some are activated immediately. Your antivirus should inform you about any kind of threat right upon one is notified. Real-time protection means you don’t have to scan in order to find viruses. Instead, your AV software works all the time for you and informs you about dangers, solutions, and actions.


Most of the applications tend to be automatized. You should not worry about each and every action your software does. In addition, you can’t constantly be thinking of what action to take. The software should do it on its own. Some programs come with a scheduled scan/clean action. This way you can program your AV protection to do its magic at specified time.


The program of your choice should not interfere with your PC’s performance. It’s been a problem for most antivirus developers to keep their software running and at the same time not disturb user’s PC. The best way to test your AV is by running it alongside with browsers, images, videos, etc. at the same time. This will test its limits and give you a clear picture of how does it affects your PC.


Your AV has to be compatible with your PC, and not only at the time you buy it. You should take a solution that promises to grow and follow the current of the industry. Good software always tends to change with needs of its clients.

Online Safety

Most of the malware comes from the internet. That’s why your antivirus should take care of all your online activity. It should block potentially harmful websites, emails filled with malware and warn you about dangerous downloads. Some vendors also have browser cleaners which help you with privacy issues as well.


The software of your choice should always be in touch with the latest trends. New malware is developed daily, and if your AV vendor is not keeping up with the latest virus definitions you can’t be safe. Besides the definitions, you should have constant updates in the software itself.

Trial Period

The most AV solutions come free for some time. You should look for one that comes with all features even in the trial period. This way you’ll know what to expect from the full version, and does it worth your money.


Don’t be fooled with free software! Nothing is free, so it’s better to pay immediately with money, instead of paying later with personal information, or something else. The price varies, depending on the developer and the length of the license you are purchasing. If you are absolutely sure in your choice, you can get a longer contract with a discount from most companies.

Top 3 Solutions

In order to ease things up, here’s the list of 3 reliable, quality and affordable antivirus vendors offering all of the above.


A well-known antivirus developer. With its constant updates and innovations, it remained on top of the game for years now. On their website, you can find a various product which can come in handy for most of your needs. Also, if you enroll upon your first visit you can get some sweet deals from them. The app was awarded and recommended by a few leading review magazines, so give it a try.


When it comes to price/quality conversion, they are probably the best solution. Their antivirus is light and fast, but at the same time ensures full protection. Comparing with other industry leaders the software is quite minimalistic, which is perfect for non-savvy users. The philosophy behind the software is user-friendly with amazing detection rate.


Another simple software, but in this case, with the rich background. One of the world’s most famous antivirus vendors is always keeping up with the latest technologies. Their solution is quite stable and with one of the highest detection rates in the industry. It’s well-known for its fast and stable platform. With Kaspersky, you can be sure of two things, solid product and a constant support from its makers.

Finding the right pick for you is up to your preferences. Just keep in mind these few “rules” in order to help yourself, and your computer. Don’t be fooled with design and low prices, features and customer support are the most important.

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