Where to Download Free wallpapers for iPhone and Android

Wallpapers have always been a great way to make your phone beautiful and lively. Be it an iPhone, Windows phone, or Android Phone, without wallpapers, these phones look glassy, but when you install wallpaper on the screen, the phone becomes beautiful. And, if the wallpaper is live then it increases our interest as well. Good thing about wallpapers is you can download them free. There are many websites that provide you free wallpapers for iPhone and free wallpapers for Android.

Download Free wallpapers for iPhone and Free wallpapers for Android

Wallpapers can be static or live. Whichever wallpaper you install in your phone, it will make the phone look beautiful. However the problem comes when you want HD wallpapers for your iPhone or Android smartphone because these wallpapers are not easily available for free. And, the only option left with you is buying them, which is not feasible with all.

Free wallpapers for iPhone

Here, I tell you where to download free wallpapers for iPhone and Free wallpapers for Android. One site from where you can download free wallpapers for iPhone and Android phone is phonewalls.net. The site provides both free and paid HD wallpapers, which can be downloaded in a click. There are several categories in which wallpapers are divided. Some of the categories include Art, Celebrities, Flowers, 3D, baby, comics, food, love, world cup, funny, mood, music, and sports.

From these categories, you can choose some wallpapers, download them, and then move them into your phone. When you open the site, you will find an array of beautiful wallpapers that are ready to add life to your phone. You can download as many as you want, like one from each category and change them every day as per your mood or surroundings around you. So download free wallpapers for iPhone and have fun.

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