Who can get Visas UK for business purposes?

The people willing to do business in UK should apply for Visas UK to come as a business visitor in UK. Persons are allowed to enter UK for business purposes only if they are either of the following:

Film Crew

The people belonging to any of the professions such as an actor, technician, producer, or director who is on a location shoot only. Such a person can apply for Visas UK.

Representative of overseas news media

The candidates applying for Visas UK should be employed or paid by an overseas company or collecting information for an overseas publication.

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Academic visitor

Being an academic visitor you must be:

  • On leave from an overseas academic institution, and willing to utilize the leave to perform researches in UK.
  • An academic visitor who is involved in a formal arrangement with UK counterparts.
  • A senior doctor or dentist who is visiting UK to get involved in the research program, teaching, or clinical practice.

Moreover, a candidate should not be:

  • Collecting funds from work in any UK source
  • Involved in any work apart from academic activities that you have been enrolled for
  • Enroll for a normal post or legal vacancy in UK

Visiting professor along with students on a study abroad program

If you are a professor or a teacher belonging to the academic institute located overseas, you can get involved in substantial teaching restricted to the institute hosting the students being supervised. You should be employed or paid by the academic institutes and should not intend to settle or get employment in UK.

Religious worker

If you are visiting UK for business purpose, you can also undertake some preaching or pastoral work. In such a case, you should be settled abroad and should not intend to take up an office, post, or appointment in UK.

It should be noted that if you are visiting UK to fill a vacancy as a religious worker and undertaking pastoral work, you should apply for a visa under Tier 2 of the defined system. Only in such a situation, people can go for Visas UK.

Adviser, trainer, or consultant

You can be appointed as an advisor, trainer, or consultant for the company who has a client in UK; however, you should not be employed for UK firm. In other words, you should not be paid for the work of UK’s firm instead UK company as a client. If the purpose of the visit is purely business, apply for Visas UK.

People meant for One-off training

The training should be offered by your employer and offered in techniques as well as work practices in UK. You should ensure that it is not on-the-job training.

Doctors who are undertaking a clinical attachment, or dentist undertaking clinical observer post

You should be a graduate from the authorized and authentic medical school. You should be intended to take the PLAB test in UK, and offer documentary evidence for a confirmed test date. Also, you should be eligible to take the PLAB test.

Other business persons

A candidate can also apply to visit UK as a business visitor if any of the following activities are to be performed:

  • Conducting meetings
  • Scheduling deals or negotiating or signing agreements or contracts
  • Undertaking fact-finding objectives
  • Performing site visits
  • Supplying products and passengers from abroad
  • Joining a tour group as a tour group courier. You should ensure that you are in contract with a firm outside UK and have the desire to leave with the tour group.
  • Representing the foreign manufacturer by repairing products during the initial guarantee period
  • Understanding or translating for visiting business persons
  • Acting as a worker such as a serviceperson for up to 6 months. The services offered will be installing, servicing, repairing, or advising on the production of foreign-made machinery.
  • Presenting the computer software company who is visiting UK to install, configure, or debug the company products.

After reading the article, you should have gained sufficient knowledge if you are applying for Visas UK for business purpose.

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