Why is QuickBooks hosting the smart way of accounting for CPAs?

QuickBooks hosting is a revolutionary way that has completely changed the way accounting is done. There was a time when you could use an accounting software only when you had access to the machine on which it is installed, but with QuickBooks hosting this limitation has come to an end.

QuickBooks is a cloud-based accounting application that has offered accountants an easy solution to their complex accounting needs. Now, they can access the application from anywhere, anytime to complete their tasks and meet the deadline. The other benefit is that they can establish a perfect work-life balance, which could be very difficult when you had to stay at the office for long hours as your accounting application is available there only.

With QuickBooks Hosting, the software is installed on a server from where a user with an authenticated User ID and password can access and use it online. There is no time restriction, no geography restriction as well. Just log in to your account and use the application to manage the accounts. So, now you can leave your office early when required, manage your family, and work from home to meet your job schedules and deadlines.

Also, QuickBooks hosting offers you many other advantages as listed below:

  • Designed specifically to assist busy accountants and help them work with more accuracy and speed
  • Helps improving work proficiency
  • Helps to improve the client satisfaction rate by helping accountants meet tight deadlines
  • Helps you to contribute to green environment, as it is paperless accounting system where every accounting procedure is done online, digitally
  • Highly secure and flexible; access is limited to authorized accounts only via authenticated User ID and password
  • Provides multi-user access, so no need to purchase individual copy of traditional accounting software, and install that on a particular machine
  • There is no setup cost, as it is a cloud-based application that does not demand any installation on any machine; you just need a web browser installed in your laptop or computer to access and use it
  • Data is stored centrally on a secure server so that you can be rest assured about the security of your client’s data; you can access your file anytime
  • Backup of your data is created at multiple locations so if one server has been down your work will not stop
  • No need to hire any IT personnel to install and manage it, as you had done while using that old accounting software
  • Better return on investment

As the list of benefits of QuickBooks hosting is long, it should be enough to explain why QuickBooks hosting is the smart way of accounting for CPAs.

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