Why is Your Email Marketing Campaign Failing?

Recent studies show that email marketing brings more conversions than social media marketing. A well-planned email marketing campaign helps you to build up a solid relationship with your clients. It also gives you an opportunity to use a well established system of official communication that has been producing results long before search engines were developed. Although email marketing works, many have used it without much success. That is why in this article, we will be looking at several reasons why email marketing campaigns fail and how to improve your email marketing system.

Improve your email marketing system

Poor Planning

Your email campaign should be carefully planned. What you send out in your email newsletters and other communication should be consistent with other marketing activities on social media channels and your business website. For example, if the recent blog posts on your company’s website are about how to improve your bottom line and your tweets focus on cost-cutting techniques, your emails should not be on an irrelevant topic like how to take a trip to a beach resort during summer.

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Poorly Crafted or Misleading Subject Lines

The subject line of your email is what determines whether your message will be read or ignored. Remember that most of your subscribers will receive hundreds of emails daily. Therefore, your subject line should stand out among others. It should also be directly related to the content of the message. Try and avoid using a very long or dull subject line. In addition, ensure that your subject is direct and honest so it does not end up being flagged as spam.

Your Message is Difficult to Read

There are several ways to make your message appealing to your readers. First, you should use an easy-to-scan and visually pleasing layout. It should have short blocks of text with a maximum of 3 sentences per paragraph with several subheadings. Most of your readers have just a few minutes to read through your message so make it easy for them.

Next, you should optimize your message layout for mobile devices. Recent surveys have revealed that close to 40% of emails are now read on smartphones. So, your content, images and formatting should be mobile-friendly. Also, ensure that your message is relevant to your subject line. Do not entice your readers with a catchy subject and then present a message that is irrelevant.

Failure to Welcome or Follow Up New Subscribers

Use a carefully written welcome message to set great expectations for your new subscribers. New members will appreciate your kind and friendly gesture. From your welcome message, you can provide a link to a page where your users can add more data about their preferences to customize some of their email settings. You should also let them know what to expect from you in subsequent email messages.

In addition to a warm welcome message, your sales team needs to work hard to follow up new members. They can call them directly and use the opportunity to draw them through your sales funnel. This will lead to increased conversions and business success.

An Un-segmented List

Most people who are new to email marketing tend to treat all their subscribers the same way. They send the same newsletter or message to everyone regardless of their preferences and responses to previous messages. This will ultimately lead to a poor response rate. You should segment your market into categories such as: new leads, money-savers, decision makers, and long-term customers. Thereafter, you can plan an email campaign that will appeal to each group.

Ineffective Landing Page

The worst tragedy that can befall your email campaign is to have several subscribers click-through your email message without converting them into leads and sales. Why does this happen so often? Many landing pages are ineffective. You should not focus solely on your email campaign and neglect your landing page. Your landing page should move your readers closer to making a buying decision. It should therefore not be a rehash of your email message.


Email marketing is still a viable tool for attracting leads and sales. In order to make your email campaign a success, you should ensure that you plan effectively. Use good subject lines with well formatted message layouts and ensure that you segment your market. If you need assistance to implement the strategies outlined in this article, you should consult a professional online marketing company.


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